Get In Shape Before Summer 5 Simple Tips

5 Simple Tips To Get In Shape Before Summer

As the ice starts to melt and the birds start to sing; spring is in the air.  That also means that the layers of clothing are starting to come off.  Now is the time of year for you to make a true assessment of all your holiday eating.

basic tips to ready for summer

If you are like most people then you have a few pounds to lose before you are ready to slide into a swimsuit.  Here are few basic tips for the next 3 months to help you get ready for summer.

5 Tips To Get In Shape For Summer

  • Drink More Water
  • Spend More Time Moving in the Sun
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Eat Whole Foods
  • Strength Train
Drink More Water  Get In Shape Before Summer 5 Simple Tips

Consuming adequate amounts of water helps in a number of ways.  Obviously staying hydrated is important as the temperature increases.  You cannot function properly if you are dehydrated.  Drinking more water also reduces hunger cravings.  Sometimes that rumble in your stomach that you think is telling you to have a bowl of ice cream could be satisfied by a glass of water.

Spend More Time Moving in the Sun  Get In Shape Before Summer 5 Simple Tips

We all know that we spend way too much time indoors.  Getting outside and moving around has a myriad of health benefits.  Obviously the more you move the more calories you burn, bud did you also know that the sun is kind enough to give you a great big dose of Vitamin D?  If you are going to be exercising anyway you would be better off doing it outside if at all possible.

Get Enough Sleep

 Get In Shape Before Summer 5 Simple Tips

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of getting enough sleep.  We all know this to be true yet we always make excuses why it is possible.  The ironic part is sleeping is the easiest way to increase your overall health and increase the effectiveness of any diet or exercise program.

Eat Whole Foods

 Get In Shape Before Summer 5 Simple Tips

This is another thing that we all know that we should do, so why don’t we.  Many people say that they don’t have enough time or it is too expensive.

The truth is fast food really isn’t that fast, and in the long run it certainly isn’t cheap.  With the amount of time you spend in drive thrus and restaurants you could just as easily prepare the meal at home and bring it with you.

And while fast food may seem inexpensive now it gets much more expensive after you have to pay medical bills relating to problems caused by poor eating habits.

Strength Train

This one applies to men as well as women.  The truth is, when you try to lose weight your body doesn’t care what kind of weight it is.  To keep you going it will burn whatever it has to, even if it is muscle.  When you strength train you are telling your body that your muscle is important and that it should get its fuel elsewhere.

Bonus Tip

Develop a strong mental picture of how you want to look and feel. Sit and add real emotion seeing yourself fitting into something you wouldn’t wear now and happy with friends/family enjoying your health.  Once you have this clear image, with the positive emotions tied to it, focus and keep that vision with your associated happy emotions of realizing your goal for 5 minute every day. Don’t underestimate how powerful and important this step is.

Now this may seem like a fairly obviously list, and that’s because it is.  The thing is, many people that are looking for tips to get in shape are skipping these steps.  If you aren’t already doing everything on this list, then any “magic diet” or “secret exercise” plan will be less effective. And also add yoga in your life.

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If you consistently do all these things for the next 90 days you will be amazed at your results.

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