5 best yoga poses for chest

5 best yoga poses for chest

5 best yoga poses for chest

5 best yoga poses for chest that make the chest healthy and fit. The practice of yoga described during this article can make the chest inflated and attractive.

Yoga strengthen every a part of the human and described yoga to overcome the issues associated with it. many sorts of problems are often solved by regular and proper practice of those yoga,That’s why during this article, we’ll offer you information about yoga poses for chest

  • Bow poses

5 best yoga poses for chest

The practice of Bow Pose gives the whole back a good stretch. The practice of this pose increases flexibility within the waist also as increases strength

Method of doing Bow Pose Yoga:

While performing this pose, the body forms a bow-like shape this is often considered one among the 12 original pose of yoga .

Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat.
Keep your hands close to the feet, while keeping your feet together.
Slowly bend the knees and hold the ankle together with your hands.
Breathe inward and lift the chest.
Raise the thighs above the ground. Draw feet with hands.
Look at the front and keep a smile on your face.
Try to focus your attention on the speed of breath.
Body drawn sort of a bow. While the hands will act as a bow.
Only do this as long as you’ll do easy postures.
Keep breathing long and deep.
After about 30 seconds, return to normal.

  • Bridge poses

5 best yoga poses for chest

In Bridge Pose our heart is above the top . This increases the flow of blood towards our head. This helps us to deal with anxiety, fatigue, stress / tension / stress, insomnia / insomnia, headaches and mild depression.

Regular practice of Bridge Pose brings peace to the mind and normalizes the vital sign . aside from increasing the capacity of the lungs, it also helps in preventing the blockage of veins within the chest. Asthma patients also are advised to try to to this pose daily.

This pose increases excitement within the thyroid and regulates metabolism. Bridge Pose is additionally best for those that add front of a computer or laptop throughout the day.

Method of doing Bridge Pose Yoga:


Lie on your back on the yoga mat.
Keep the breath speed normal.
After this, keep hands on the side.
Now slowly bend the legs from the knees and convey them to the hips.
Raise the hips as high above the ground as possible.
The hands will remain on the bottom .
Hold the breath for a short time .
After this, return to the bottom exhaling.
Straighten the legs and relax.
Start again after resting for 10-15 seconds.

  • Camel poses

5 best yoga poses for chest

Camel Pose gives excellent body stretch. aside from this, this pose opens the front portion of the body, besides opening the muscles connecting the pectoral muscles and therefore the hips. This Camel Pose
tones the muscles, legs under the legs, thighs, chest and abdomen. This pose is best for removing every chest problem.

Method of doing Camel Pose Yoga:


Sit on your knees on yoga mats.
Place your hands on your hips.
Knees and shoulders should be within the same line.
The soles of the feet will remain towards the roof.
Breathing in, pressurize the lower spine to travel forward.
During this point all pressure should be felt on the navel.
Fold the waist backwards.
Gently make the palms strong on the feet.
Leave the neck loose. don’t strain the neck in the least .
Maintain the posture for 30 to 60 seconds.
While exhaling, slowly release the posture and return to the old state.


  • Chair poses

5 best yoga poses for chest

Chair Pose may be a simple style-of-configuration style posture. The duration of doing this is often stated to be 30-60 seconds. By doing this pose , stretches occur within the shoulders and ribs (Thorax). Whereas it helps in strengthening the thighs, spinal column , joints and calves.

When you squat to take a seat within the posture of Chair Pose and over time, you begin to take a seat down. Then the body has got to resist the force of gravity to face . With the practice of Chair Pose, your quadriceps gradually start strengthening. Because without strong quadriceps you’ll not be ready to stand.

Method of doing Chair Pose Yoga:


Stand upright on yoga mats and stand with both legs extended.
Spread both hands forward. The palm will remain downwards.
The hands should be straight and therefore the elbows aren’t bent.
Gently bend the knees and move the pelvis downward.
Bend such a lot , as if you’re sitting in an imaginary chair.
Sit so relaxed as if you’re reading a newspaper sitting during a chair.
During this point the hands will remain straight.
The spine must be straight throughout the length.
Keep your mind calm, take long breaths. Keep a smile
Stay during this position for one minute.
Slowly sit down and sit in relax pose.

  • Cobra poses

5 best yoga poses for chest

 This Cobra Pose is completed by lying on the bottom and bending the rear . While the top is within the raised posture of the snake.

Cobra Pose is one among the foremost diverse rugs in yoga science. This yoga posture has been said to be so important because it’s numerous benefits. It makes our chest strong and therefore the spine flexible. It makes our digestive and genital system strong.

Method of doing Cobra Pose Yoga:


Lie on the bottom on the stomach.
Place both palms near the thighs towards the bottom .
Keep in mind that the ankles keep touching one another .
Bring hands adequate to shoulders and palms towards the ground .
Put the load of the body on your palms, draw the breath in.
Lift the top and pull it back.
Till this point your elbow are going to be bent.
While pulling the top back, remove the chest also forward.
Drag the top sort of a snake’s fun.
Note that the shoulders stand back from the ears and therefore the shoulders remain strong.
Increase pressure from the hips, thighs and legs towards the ground .
Keep the body during this position for about 15 to 30 seconds.
During this, maintain normal breath speed.
Feel like your stomach is pressing towards the ground .
You can also do that pose for two minutes after practice.
To release the posture, slowly bring your hands back to the side.
Rest your head on the ground . Keep your hands under the top .
Gently bend the top to at least one side.
Breathe in movie for 2 minutes.

5 best yoga poses for chest that make chest strength
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