Yoga A form of meditations and disciplined life!

It resembles a solution that slowly settles the phases of the organs of our body and fixes different diseases

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Keep yoga in daily routine to stay fit

To make individuals mindful of yoga and its advantages about the world.


Hatha Yoga

meditation and correct breathing and postures

Vinyasa Yoga

very physically demanding practice

Kundalini Yoga

mysterious & spiritual yoga practices

Intuitive Yoga

mprove blood circulation and energy

Aroma Yoga

relax your mind and body deeply

Slow Yoga

meditating, with the pooches!


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yoga pose for beginners

If you’re completely new yoga or starting yoga for the first time, then there are much yoga pose which you would like to find out , in order that you’ll do them easily. Then whether you’re doing yoga during yoga class or home or doing yoga in your office chair.That is why in this article I will give you information about 5 pose of beginners yoga.

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